Soak it all in

Summer in Calgary is rife with festivals. I’ve railed in the past against the disconnectedness of the festival scene, but I’ve since learned to love it. Whether you’re in the mood to celebrate Greek food, Caribbean music or African dance, there’s something going on pretty much every weekend.To write about each and every summer festival… Continue reading Soak it all in

What to do? What to do?

I’ve often referred to our fair city of Calgary in the somewhat disparaging term of “a suburb to the oil patch.” A harsh assertion to say the least, however not one that is entirely untrue. This city sprawls like no other and seems to be no more than an endless strip of cul-de-sacs and strip… Continue reading What to do? What to do?

The good and the bad of 2002 – 2003

Highlights –Mobilizing one of the most apathetic campuses in the country to band together and fight tuition–Overflow–Tent City and Tuition Fear Factor huge successes–Academic Carnival was well attended–Continued and increased success of Cinemania–Acclaimed president turned out good after all–SU presentation at the Board of Governors tuition meeting–Substantial media coverage in local mainstream media–Online voting went… Continue reading The good and the bad of 2002 – 2003

Exploring anti-Americanism

This year, the dust in Iraq will settle and the chickens will strut contentedly. This decade, hypothetically, there will be ten occasions where the U.S. is involved in something where they are only 50 per cent in the right. As for those who today are anti-American over Iraq, will they in that decade observe the… Continue reading Exploring anti-Americanism

VP Events: Events stayed the course

Irene Enyedy’s term as VP events was characterised by extremes. Events such as the recent tuition battle and Overflow in September, Cinemania, and her work with residence students were great successes, while things like Blue Banana Lounge, a proposed Dinos week, and Bitter Ball went away virtually unnoticed. As probably the second-most visible SU executive… Continue reading VP Events: Events stayed the course