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The kindness bug

By Sean Crawford

Editor, the Gauntlet, Re: “Hardened: an awkward juxtaposition,” Dec. 9, 2004, A few issues ago, someone lamented becoming increasingly hardened to homeless beggars while saying to them, “No, I’m sorry.” My roommate used to say “sorry” and stuff as we passed prostitutes. “If you think it through,” I told him, “You’ll see that a simple… Continue reading The kindness bug

SU further damages Den

By Sean Crawford

I am dismayed to find the Students’ Union has advertised the Den using postcards at a Northmount 7-11 store. The last time they pulled such a bone-headed stunt was when they advertised for a series of all-ages shows one fateful summer. Their reasoning was to “serve students” but not directly: “serve” meant, “raising cash for.”The… Continue reading SU further damages Den