The good and the bad of 2002 – 2003


–Mobilizing one of the most apathetic campuses in the country to band together and fight tuition


–Tent City and Tuition Fear Factor huge successes

–Academic Carnival was well attended

–Continued and increased success of Cinemania

–Acclaimed president turned out good after all

–SU presentation at the Board of Governors tuition meeting

–Substantial media coverage in local mainstream media

–Online voting went off without a hitch

–Den security issues handled well

And the Lowlights

–Mullets against tuition

–Rosie Nagra resigning midterm

–SU Boat trip and resulting infighting and drug allegations

–Brett Pearce’s ongoing reaction to his election defeat

–Poor conduct and lack of professionalism in SLC

–Multiple, ridiculous impeachment proceedings

–SLC meddling in business affairs

–Could not stop tuition increase or differential tuition

— Could not secure increased funding for health and dental plan

–MacEwan Hall expansion and relocation still incomplete

— SU Clubs Chair Edward Tse removed after refusing to resign

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