VP Academic: A slow start to a short term

In her two months on the job, Jayna Gilchrist has done the minimum requirements of her position. However, according to most, this is an improvement on the work of her predecessor, Rosia Nagra, who resigned in early January due to personal reasons.

To be fair, it is unrealistic to expect much from Gilchrist in this situation. She took over the job in late January without the benefit of a campaign, a platform or any grand aspirations. Since then, she has done what her portfolio requires her to do, with a brief break to run in, and win, the SU presidential seat for next year.

As per her duties, Gilchrist addressed the appropriate issues with the Students’ Academic Assembly at a time when the rest of the SU was dealing with tuition, and tuition alone. Gilchrist also did a good job utilizing various faculty representatives for the purposes of communicating with faculties (who would have thunk it?).

Finally, SAA’s greatest achievement came when the faculty representatives voted to save the Faculty of Continuing Education at the General Faculties Council. Gilchrist had a hand in that, hence the kudos.

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