"Would anyone like to come up and play?"

Smaller stages, big moments. Those daring to wake and make 10:30 a.m. workshops got to the see full-blown hangovers, impromptu jams and one-time only moments. Howe Gelb one-upped Gord Downie Saturday, plunking out a grab bag of musical eccentricity. Giant Sand’s ringleader played two stages, doting each one with a folk implosion of loops, odd… Continue reading "Would anyone like to come up and play?"

The fiddler on the mainstage

Folk Fest finished the weekend in fine fashion. Everywhere from mainstage, to workshops and to off-stage events, you could see people in facepaint, wearing long-dresses and walking without shoes. It was the perfect atmosphere for a folk music festival. Though most people stayed in their newly-bought folk fest folding chairs during the performances, some got… Continue reading The fiddler on the mainstage

A cure for the grey-sky blues

The third day of the festival opened under dubious grey skies, which may have accounted for the melancholy mood of the morning crowds. High-energy acts such as Jenny Allen and the Rheostatics failed to elicit more than scattered applause and weak, watered-down cheers from the crowd. The closing number of the first set on the… Continue reading A cure for the grey-sky blues

G-8 debate arrives early

Pure drool. Friday’s set was jam-packed with three headliners and one giddy, witty emcee. Fifties style country bumpkin and quick-witted Carolyn Mark hosted, and made in-between band banter more than just filler. Fresh out of their van from Vancouver, The Be Good Tanyas’ breezy bluegrass pop entertained a larger folk fest crowd than Thursday. The… Continue reading G-8 debate arrives early