Talkin’ trash

One of the lesser known organizations on campus is the Campus Recycling Board (CRB). The major goal of this board is to promote awareness and education about the environmental challenges facing this university.You may have noticed collection bins placed conspicuously throughout the halls on campus. In case you were wondering, these receptacles accept pop cans… Continue reading Talkin’ trash

Get a life!

So now that school is back in session and you’re gearing up to spend all your time studying, take a moment to answer the following questions. 1. You are one of those students that goes to class and immediately goes home to study. True/False2. You do not know anyone in your class except that guy… Continue reading Get a life!

BSD, make way for SPD

As another semester winds down, I know what you need. You need to relax. What better way to relax this Dec. 7 than in a styling pair of snow pants surrounded by friends and getting goofed? That’s right people. The second annual Snow Pants Day is upon us. Time for one last kick before you… Continue reading BSD, make way for SPD

Another year, another tuition increase

Got an extra $145 bucks stashed away? Don’t blow it on excessive holiday spending just yet–university administration is laying claim to your chequebook early this year.That’s right, another year, another proposed increase. If university administration gets their way, your tuition will increase by 3.7 per cent again next year. This increase will be proposed to… Continue reading Another year, another tuition increase

Students Union pushes for no tuition increase

Tuition consultation is something that happens every year between the Students’ Union and university administration. The purpose of consultation is to make both sides aware of pressures students and the university face in terms of tuition. There is also a loosely stated goal of coming to agreement on an acceptable level of tuition increase to… Continue reading Students Union pushes for no tuition increase