Get a life!

So now that school is back in session and you’re gearing up to spend all your time studying, take a moment to answer the following questions.
1. You are one of those students that goes to class and immediately goes home to study. True/False
2. You do not know anyone in your class except that guy who is also in your other four classes, but you’ve never had a conversation with him so it does not count. True/False
3. The lack of "fun" in your life has a positive correlation with when you began university. True/False

If you answered true to more than one of these questions, then it’s time you woke up, looked around and noticed clubs.

There are lots of academic and non-academic clubs on campus that focus on your class subjects. Many of them have exam banks (which can save you a pretty penny on old exams) as well as members who have taken the classes you’re struggling with. Academic clubs also hold events that can enhance your educational experience outside the classroom environment. This doesn’t even begin to cover how much more you will enjoy going to class when you know a few of the people in your class from a club that you’re members of. Study groups will suddenly become a reality for you, not just something that everyone else gets invited to.

What about your interests and hobbies? Exactly how long has it been since you did something that you enjoyed? When you signed up for university were you told that these would be the worst four years of your life and that you wouldn’t be able to ever have fun? Quite the opposite, you were told that you would meet new people who had similar interests and goals as you. But if you are only on campus when you are listening to your prof, how are you supposed to meet all these new people?

Club Week is Jan. 14 to 18. This is your chance to go out there and join one of the myriad of clubs on campus. They will have tables set up all week long in MacEwan Student Centre and the Social Science foyer, with representatives to answer your questions. What have you got to lose, other than a social life?

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