Spun: Queens of the Stone Age

By Mathew Richards

Queens of the Stone Age have changed a lot over the past decade – frontman Josh Homme is currently the only remaining member of the California-based band, which has become a household name in rock. Despite the changes, when you get back to their self-titled album, you’re reminded that Queens of the Stone Age haven’t changed all that much. 
For those unwilling to shell out $90 on Amazon, or relentlessly replay concert performances on YouTube, this album has been impossible to obtain in the decade since it was released. The style of the reissue is similar to the album itself in its strength and simplicity. Like almost all reissues, the album has been totally remastered and they have added three new tracks. From the opening notes of “Regular John,” the tone is set for heavy fist-pumping rock, but as Homme’s smooth falsetto comes in, you feel the controlled style of these modern rock legends. Throughout the album, they crank out huge riffs but never overplay their hand. The entire album is strong and the additional songs fit seamlessly into the track list.

While more grounded and stylistically simple than subsequent releases, this album is definitely some of the band’s best work. It is a necessity for any fan of QOTSA, and a good pick-up for any fan of alternative or hard rock.

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