Spun: Matt Epp and Amorian Assembly

By Josh Rose

From Winnipeg, Manitoba and Granada, Spain come Matt Epp and the Amorian Assembly. The name Amoria comes from the Latin root for love, but that doesn’t mean that Amorian references dominate the new songs.

The group has been dubbed “Canada’s best-kept secret singer-songwriter,” and they’ve earned it — Epp’s songs are not without complexity, contradiction or concern. Part of his Amorian philosophy is that “love doesn’t avoid conflict,” and Epp and the Assembly live up to it.

“Set Sail” is the national anthem of Amoria, the Empire of Love. Since Amoria is not found on any map, Amoria must be where Epp is. Meanwhile, “Trap Me” is by far the most unique song out of the 10, with its quick pace and heavy guitar riffs.

All of the other songs by this indie-rock group are bolstered by a wide array of instruments — trumpets, harmonica and the occasional hammond organ. Epp and his crew put all their tools to good use, creating catchy melodies.

At Dawn is a truly unique experience worth hearing, or if you’re feeling particularly generous, spending money on.

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