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Spun: Raidohead

By Mathew Richards

There is an obvious temptation to compare any new Radiohead albums to previous releases, yet every time they find a new creative direction. The King of Limbs is unlike any of their past releases, yet feels naturally Radiohead. From the opening notes of “Bloom” to the Pac-man like artwork, this album will send chills running… Continue reading Spun: Raidohead

Spun: Us & Others

By Mathew Richards

Recorded over the course of two years in various studios throughout Toronto, the name Patchwork for the debut album from Us & Others is a fitting title for all the album tries to incorporate. Sadly, the metaphoric effect is lost over the course of the album as all the poetry and creativity are drowned in… Continue reading Spun: Us & Others

Spun: Deadhorse

By Mathew Richards

The name Deadhorse conjures up images of a metal band from Texas in the ’90s, or of that iconic scene from The Godfather. Deadhorse, however, are neither of these things. They have a hometown bent and their debut album is definitely heavy on the talent. Sometimes listening to an album is like finding a few… Continue reading Spun: Deadhorse

Spun: LCD Soundsystem

By Garth Paulson

What do chocolate milk, tandem bicycles and this album have in common? All of them are based on great original ideas, changed up to make them that much greater. The London Sessions has a set list that spans all stages of James Murphy’s career recorded as a live-in-studio album. It’s a fitting analogy for a… Continue reading Spun: LCD Soundsystem