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Sometimes there is a wrong answer

By Richard Norman

I watched Oprah the other day. I do not watch her show regularly, but I am occasionally interested because Oprah seems to express some of the most popular spiritual and moral ideas. On the day that I watched, Oprah spoke with a writer, Gary Zukav, who explained various ways of resolving relational problems for couples.During… Continue reading Sometimes there is a wrong answer

Credit not approved

By Richard Norman

We buy things every day. We spend and we consume. You are a consumer of many products but have you ever considered the impacts you have as a consumer? Do you ever think that the jeans you bought might contribute to slave labour? That the paper you use causes deforestation and increases corporate control? We… Continue reading Credit not approved

2013 SU Election results

By Riley Hill

After two weeks of campaigning, the 2013–14 University of Calgary Students’ Union election results have been announced. Raphael Jacob has been elected as the 71st SU president, taking 51 per cent of the votes. Candidate Stefana Pancic received 19 per cent and current president 
Hardave Birk received 31 per cent.
 “I’m very happy and very… Continue reading 2013 SU Election results

Hezbollah raising hell

By Richard Bronstein

Editor, the Gauntlet,[Re: “Escalation not the answer,” editorial, July 27, 2006] I did not find your editorial entirely unreasonable, at least the part that calls for international intervention to help cease hostilities so that civilians in both Lebanon and Israel can get back to their normal lives. What troubles me, however, is that you seem… Continue reading Hezbollah raising hell