Spun: Ember Swift

Listening to the latest of Ember Swift’s nine releases, it’s near-impossible to avoid grooving along to the mellow rhythms of the Ontario-based group. The band consists primarily of Ontario-born Swift and her B.C.-native musical counterpart Lyndell Montgomery, but also routinely features a diversified host of stand-in musicians who lend their creativity and talents to produce a mercurial mish-mash of uniquely Canadian sound.

In The Dirty Pulse, Swift pours the soulful vocals of a sultry lounge singer over a constantly changing mix of music, which could approximately be described as an infectiously jazzy brand of funk with reggae undertones. Complimenting the mix, Swift’s folk-sensible lyrics are both intelligent and socially conscious, from the catchy and sweetly flowing critique of priorities skewed by excess in “Affluence Disease,” to the down-tempo “Reinforced Concrete,” which is a mournful depiction of urban isolation.

Perfect for anyone looking to compliment his or her musical catalogue with a healthy dose of quality Canadian contemporary jazz, The Dirty Pulse is hip, seductive and smart. Trust in the uncanny ability of Swift to generate a groove anyone can dig on.

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