Spun: The Format

The Format’s Dog Problems might just be the best thing to come out of Pheonix since, well, ever. Although the album is short on problems with dogs, it does feature plenty of clever, enjoyable songs.

The record is jam-packed with all manner of musical instruments without ever feeling claustrophobic. Every song has a unique feel, from the jazzy title track, the folksy “Snails” to the swagger of “The Compromise.” Dog Problems is an album about heartbreak, but instead of leaving the lights off and crying in the dark, The Format throws a party and invites everyone they know.

The song “Pick Me Up” is infectious and catchy as hell and “Dead End” was made to sing along to. While it’s easy to hear the influences of Scotland’s now-defunct The Delgados, indie darlings The Shins and even Queen, The Format have crafted a style that is uniquely their own.

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