TV airwaves: the way of the future

The technology that promises to open up a new Internet broadband pipe worldwide-dubbed TV white space-has become a hot topic of debate in the United States, pitting computer and Internet technology industries against television broadcasters and manufacturers of wireless audio systems.Specifically, white space refers to the unlicensed portion of the radio spectrum between television channels.… Continue reading TV airwaves: the way of the future

[Cyber]space, the final frontier

The Internet has become one of the most popular media of communication in the world, allowing its users to develop, organize and exchange ideas. It has become a community that has its own dialect and etiquette, rules both written and unwritten. Many have come to love the freedom associated with the Internet. Anyone, anywhere at… Continue reading [Cyber]space, the final frontier

Microsoft a leaky boat

Blogs and Internet forums were busy this week with rumours of a new Windows operating system codenamed Windows 7, following a report on news website TG Daily. The news site claimed “several industry sources” have confirmed shipment of the Milestone 1 code to key partners for validation. TG Daily also reportedly received a roadmap confirming… Continue reading Microsoft a leaky boat

Svedeesh Puretes! Bork Bork Bork!

While the debate over copyright law rages on in Canada, elsewhere steps were taken in the right direction after seven Swedish members of parliament put forward a proposal to decriminalize file sharing altogether. In an opinion piece published in Swedish daily newspaper Expressen, the seven MPs defended their position.The article reported that last fall, the… Continue reading Svedeesh Puretes! Bork Bork Bork!

Facebook makes the naughty list after ruining Christmas

Over 50,000 people protested Facebook’s invasion of privacy last month following the release of the Beacon advertising platform. The controversial program tracks the browsing and purchase history of Facebook users on over 40 websites, and publishes them in the user’s news feed. Many users of the social networking site were unaware the advertising program even… Continue reading Facebook makes the naughty list after ruining Christmas

The Internet is a dark and terrible place

The hot topic of the opening day at this year’s Internet Governance Forum in Rio de Janeiro on Nov. 12 was all about the United States’ control of core Internet systems. Although much of the day was concerned with the rules around domain naming services, countries like China, Russia, Brazil and Iran are still a… Continue reading The Internet is a dark and terrible place

End of the line

In an era of people concerned about protecting themselves from identity theft, it’s surprising that many don’t read contracts before agreeing to them. With an average 250,000 new users signing up with Facebook every day, the volume of personal information that is being collected, organized and archived is difficult to imagine. News Corp. launched a… Continue reading End of the line