SU View: Nominations now being accepted for teaching excellence

By Brittany Sargent

Has a University of Calgary instructor inspired you? Is there a certain class you enjoy because the instructor is so enthusiastic about the material? Has a teacher gone beyond the call of duty to assist you in your academic and career goals? Well, you now have the chance to thank them appropriately.

The Teaching Excellence Awards Committee of the Students’ Union is currently accepting nominations for teaching excellence from students and faculty.

University of Calgary Professors and Teacher Assistants (TAs) require five nominations to be considered officially nominated. You can fill out a nomination form on the Students’ Union website. Deadline for nominations is Mar. 7, 2008.

The Students’ Union will collect nominations, evaluate the nominees based solely on student evaluations and select a recipient for a Teaching Excellence Award from each undergraduate faculty. Awards will be given out in April at a special ceremony.

Excellent teachers are chosen for their ability to communicate a broad and accurate knowledge of the subject matter, as well as for their self-confidence and ability to create enthusiasm among students. Other criteria include success at challenging students, ability to cultivate creative thinking on the part of students, availability for consultation outside of class along with fairness and consistency in grading.

Since 1984-85, when Teacher of the Year and Teaching Excellence Awards were first bestowed, the SU has believed that excellence should be recognized. Nomination opportunities with Nov. and Mar. deadlines allow students to nominate their favourite professors, who are honoured at the annual April awards ceremony.

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