Spun: Pitbull

By David Knipper

Pitbull’s explosion to the rap scene combines high-powered club beats with mediocre latin-influenced lyrical talent. Money is a Major Issue isn’t anything spectacular, with songs about sex, money, drugs, cars and other gangsta shit. The track listing reads as a “who’s who” of second-rate stars, and they’re so abundant it should be classified as a compilation album. Living the thug life vicariously has never been so easy.

Despite this, the CD is not without its redeeming qualities. The song “Hustler’s Withdrawal” is a catchy, yet powerful retelling of the dangers of dealing and “Culo” once again confirms that women are sex objects, with a club worthy dance beat. Those looking for stereotypical thug music need to look no further. This album has it all, and a positive social message! Word.

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