Events forum

By Ricardo Urbina

If we learned one thing from the Students’ Union Vice-president Events candidates forum, it’s that both Jared Lorenz and Peter Wootliff are confident in expressing their feelings about self-exploration. Amidst cries of, "I don’t want anybody else. When I think about you I touch myself," students were able to discern some relevant information. Candidate Francis Freckleton was absent.

"One of my goals is to make sure the Fringe Festival is successful," said Wootliff. "I believe it is an independent festival. I don’t think the SU should be pushing the Fringe at this point to stay on campus."

Likewise, Lorenz feels that a priority should be placed on making the festival a success, wherever the venue.

"The Fringe must be recognizable as a separate entity from the SU, but this does not mean we cannot make it a yearly success on campus," said Lorenz.

Another of Wootliff’s goals is the implementation of millennium parties.

"The City of Calgary is giving out grants for the Year 2000," said Wootliff. "So, we can make use of this and put on some really good shows."

Also in his plans are designs to bring a Fetish Festival to campus and more awareness of the problem of date rape.

"I want to see something built into U of C 101 to comment on date rape," said Wootliff.

Lorenz would like to put together an incentive program for food vendors to produce more healthy food.

"Incentives could take many forms, including frequent healthy eater programs for students, cash or promotional incentives for vendors who sell a lot of healthy food or anything else that research bears out," said Lorenz.

Also in his plans are a designated driver program where, for a small fee, people and their cars would be returned home safely.

"Such a program would be active on busy nights and for cabarets," said Lorenz. "The existing programs would continue."

Finally, Lorenz hopes to lobby Calgary Transit to extend service.

"Students represent a large portion of transit users and deserve service tailored to their needs," said Lorenz. "One of which is transit service that goes late enough to get home from an evening class, late night study session, or an evening at a concert or bar."

Both candidates aim to give more exposure to campus groups through events such as music weeks, art festivals and athletic festivals.

Wootliff believes some of the important issues the VP Events will have to focus on next year are laying the groundwork for expansion and bringing in a variety of events to celebrate the year 2000. Lorenz, however, feels athletic awareness will be a big issue.

"Regardless of the plebiscite results, athletics require more exposure in the upcoming year," he said.

Both candidates have great ideas, and as evidenced on Tuesday afternoon, both would make great karaoke hosts.

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