Remember Wilson Phillips?

By Fifi Enyi

Bijou Phillips started out her career as a model. Unlike most models however, she did not turn to acting, the creative outlet that is common-place among the vast majority. Instead Phillips decided to do something better-she became a singer.

To most people this would appear a difficult and at best, a challenging career transition.

But, in a world full of copycats, Bijou Phillips proves to be a stimulating alternative-a fresh breath of individuality. Although music is her apparent strength, one gets the feeling her true potential remains unexplored.

Such a theory is supported in her incorporation of philosophical pieces like “Little Dipper” and “Breakfast” with the Polynesian injected beats of “Hawaii.” All are good, but lack the zest and fire that separates good songs from great ones. The only solution to cure this ailment lies within the realm of experience. Some artists are born with the innate ability to create great songs and lyrics. Others require plain and simple life experience to enhance and diversify their musical interpretations.

Phillips’ limited knowledge of music hinders the development of the CD. In the entire 19 years of her life, she has probably not discovered herself completely as a person, and thus, she hasn’t discovered herself as an artist. Though she is capable of producing great songs intertwined with familiar lyrics, her skill as a songwriter remains underdeveloped.

I’d Rather Eat Glass is a first glimpse of the artist that Bijou Phillips will become if she allows experience to direct her to greener pastures.

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