Some’re Dancing

Do you enjoy listening to the
pounding rhythms of the African world beat? Do the peaceful and aggressive
hooks of Radiohead turn your crank? Does sweat pouring off the skin of
attractive dancers working it up on stage make you wanna shake yo’
booty? Even if you answered no to all of these questions, you may still
get something out of Summerdance ’99.

Summer Dance features two parts.
The first is compiled by Denise Clarke, a resident choreographer and part
of the regular performing ensemble of One Yellow Rabbit. This presentation,
showcasing performances from Clarke and her dancers will feature music
by Radiohead (ala ok Computer era) and Schumann’s Piano Concerto,
Opus 54. This portion of the program will combine theatre, dance and drama.
This unique combination only needs a match to ignite the stage.

The second part of the show was created by Michéle Moss, founder
of Decidedly Jazz Danceworks and sessional jazz instructor at the U of

"One of the things that we are creating in this dance piece is the
notion of releasing the ego, and just dancing from your soul," describes
Moss. "People who go to raves and modern dance, those interested
jazz dance, the arts of other cultures, and in theatre; anyone could enjoy

Moss’ presentation will feature herself and students from her "Afro
World Beat Rhythms" class. Audiences can expect wild and ferverent
dancing to varied rhythms from West Africa; rhythms which Moss has experienced
first hand. Music from the likes of Senegalese artist Baaba Maal and from
former Grateful Dead member Mickey Hart will be featured. Although Moss’
original plan for a live band would have forged a more intimate presentation,
the compromise to have phenomenal artists played over loudspeakers should

"The final goal would be to get people to get up out of their seats
and release themselves to the dance," says Moss.

Will people be driven out of their seats by the music and the dances put
together by Moss? Will the unique combination of music, dance and drama
put together by Clarke take hold of anyone? I don’t know, but this
writer is starting to sweat thinking about the possibilities.

Summer Dance ’99 runs at the Univeristy Theatre from June 24–25.

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