Gauntlet worse than Hitler, says loyal reader

By J. Svendson

I am a loyal reader and have to say this year’s paper is the worst crap I’ve ever seen.

Many times I’ve sat by and stayed my pen. But I can no longer sit by and hold my breath and hope things change.

I pay good money for your rag, $3.50 a semester works out to around 25 cents an issue. And what does that Quarter get me? Only your lies, that’s what.

For two straight weeks you bombarded the readers with "tlfs." Up to six pages in some issues. Is this the sort of thing that you clip and put in your portfolio? Do you expect to get hired on at some oil company pulling stunts like this? Where is your head?

Your intellectual rot is destroying a generation of fertile minds. You are the reason kids are killing kids. I know what you’re all about.

Your "paper" is a perfect example of "Generation Huh?" at its perverted worst.

The Gauntlet is a sad reminder of the threat of collective thinking to our personal and indigenous freedom. Your brand of intellectual "content" reeks of the foul birth place of your sense of humour–Mother Russia.

You suck and your paper sucks also.

J. Svendson

(ed. note- Wha?)

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