Library loan periods now two weeks

By Ryan Pelletier

Can you imagine walking into the MacKimmie Library and emerging only minutes later with the actual book you were looking for? Although this strange phenomenon has occurred every few years, many students at the University of Calgary have wondered what it would be like to borrow research material from the MacKimmie Library before their paper’s due date.

Starting this school year, all circulating materials at the MacKimmie Library will have a definite loan period of two weeks, with the possibility of renewal if no one places it on hold. There is no change in the loan situation for reference or reserve material or the situation for graduate students and faculty, who also remain on the term loan system.

"In the past, everything was available with one due date per term," says Manager of Access Services Darlene Warren. "However, due to concern and complaints from students, we reviewed our loan policy and found we were out of date."

The new system implements a two-week loan period where a renewal can be obtained unless there has been a hold placed on the book loaned.

"[It] kind of sucks," says General Studies pre-program student Sabrina Thorton. "You should be able to keep it longer than two weeks at a time."

"I would forget it after a year," says General Studies pre-program student Kat Carson.

Should a student hold a book for longer than two weeks without renewing, a fine of one dollar per day will be incurred until the book is returned. This is a 50 cent reduction from the previous term loan fine.

"In the long run this should be a good thing," remarked Warren. "Students will have to pay attention to the due date, but renewals can be placed online or over the phone system to make it easier for them."

Should a fine of more than ten dollars appear on a loan history, it is reported to the registrar and becomes a withhold. This means the U on C won’t release transcripts until the library fine is paid.

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