CJSW fills two positions

By Kevin Rothbauer

While you may not have noticed on the airwaves, there was a changing of the guard at CJSW.

Earlier this month, the campus radio station named Jamie Frederick and Alex DiNinno as its new station manager and program director, respectively.

Frederick took over from Maizun Jayoussi on Oct. 12. In nine years at the station, he has served in a number of roles, including a one-year term as music director and a term as volunteer representative on CJSW’s board of directors, as well as doing volunteer work for both the radio station and its former affiliated newspaper, Vox.

"Having been a longtime supporter and volunteer, I believe that CJSW is an organization that offers an alternative to mainstream media," said Frederick. "I believe the programming is some of the strongest in the city, if not the country. As far as music and spoken word goes, it’s of the highest quality. This seemed like a great opportunity to work with people I really respect and admire."

DiNinno assumed her role following the departure of Chad Saunders, another longtime CJSW employee. DiNinno served as a volunteer dj, as secretary-treasurer and as the Friends of CJSW co-ordinator over five years with the station.

"I have a real love for the station," DiNinno explained. "[The job opening] came at a perfect time for me–I convocate in November. I knew this is what I wanted to do. I knew I’d love the busyness of it."

DiNinno’s job is manifold, centering on what the station broadcasts.

"I’m responsible for everything that goes on the air," she stated.

"Everything" includes the individual shows, advertising and public service announcements, dealing with businesses that support CJSW, and ensuring program listings are published in the Calgary Straight.

Because CJSW is run by the University of Calgary Students’ Union, SU Vice-president Finance and Operations Amanda Affonso was on the committee that hired both Frederick and DiNinno. Affonso voiced her confidence in their abilities.

"Jamie brings a lot of experience to the job," said Affonso. "He has familiarity and connection to the city, especially the arts and entertainment sector. He has approachability; he’s down to earth. He’s a great asset.

"Alex has been a programmer and a volunteer. She has understanding and familiarity. She’s not stepping into a new station. She’ll do a great job."

The annual CJSW Funding Drive happens Oct. 22-29.

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