Students call for South’s impeachment

By Anne-Marie Bruzga

Students marched around campus demanding the removal of Students’ Union President Rob South immediately following the Feb. 4 Board of Governor’s meeting.

The calls for removal were a direct result of South’s refusal to second an amendment for a zero per cent tuition increase.

Students at the meeting shouted, "Second the motion," as South began to deliberate on the amendment, choosing not to support it in the end.

"[The motion] would throw the blame back on the board," said South, "where, I think we’ve all clearly decided the blame does not belong this year."

The 65 per cent increase passed quickly afterward as students in the gallery cried, "SU sellout."

After the meeting ended, 30-40 students and members of the Revolutionary Anarchist Kollektive and the Development Studies Club marched with tuition coffin in tow, demanding South be impeached for his actions.

"He assured us that as a representative on the BoG, he would support us," said protester Stephanie Garrett. "He showed us through his vote that his loyalties lie elsewhere."

The march concluded outside the SU offices, where protesters screamed for South to be disqualified.

SU Vice-president Events Jared Lorenz, VP Operation and Finance Amanda Affonso and VP Academic Heather Clitheroe came outside to address the crowd. Standing on the tuition coffin, they reaffirmed that a zero per cent tuition increase remains the SU’s policy.

"South acted alone," said Affonso. "He went against the wishes of his Exec and his Union."

The VPs said the focus needs to return to the lack of funding universities receive from the Alberta government. At the same time, however, they assured the throng that if students wanted an impeachment, the VPs would follow through.

"Tell us [what you want]," said Affonso. "We’re your representatives. If you say you want him out, we’ll do that."

Student activists spent the rest of the afternoon circulating a petition to disqualify South, who did not return to his office on Friday. No petition was presented at the Tuesday Students’ Legislative Council meeting.

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