Acclamations accountable, say the acclaimed

Editors, the Gauntlet,
Re: “Exercise your right to vote…” Mar. 2, 2000

Politics can be a crazy experience. Winston Churchill once said that democracy is the worst system of governance ever devised, except for all the others. Both of us believe that the Students’ Union is a democracy and that your rights are not being trampled upon.
We are both full participants in this democracy and were willing to participate in the coming election. Our acclamations came as a surprise to both of us. We are both ready to show students that we are right for our respective positions.

Both of us are qualified candidates, not merely willing to run in an SU election, but ready and able to take on the level of responsibility our offices hold. We’ve worked as External and Operations and Finance commissioners this year, and feel prepared to take on the vice-presidency of our respective portfolios. We encourage every student to read our platforms and contact us about our ideas. We both put a lot of hard work into this campaign despite being acclaimed, and still wish to inform and interact with students concerning our plans for the next year.

Our accountability will not end with the election, but will continue throughout the year–we will both be accessible to students throughout our terms, and be willing to listen to their concerns and do everything in our power to make university life better for all students. In our minds, these are not empty promises, but part of being a vice-president in the SU.

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