Can’t Take Me Home — Pink

By Justin Lee

At a time where the music industry is churning out would-be R&B divas by the minute, 20-year-old Philly-native, Alecia "Pink" Moore, stands out amongst the pack.

From her spine-tingling vocals to her short, fuchsia-dyed hair, Pink is in a league-of-her-own. Can’t Take Me Home is the brainchild of prominent producers Babyface, She’kspere and The Specialists, who lace the album with beats so catchy, even your grandma will be getting her groove on.

Unfortunately, the lyrical content fails to measure up to its production, hashing out the same-old love-sick offerings that have come to be associated with the genre. On "Most Girls," Pink divulges she just wants "real love." "There You Go" is a straight-up dis to an ex-"scrub" boyfriend and "Hiccup" describes the anxiety that comes along with professing one’s love for another. There is an overwhelming sense of potential in Pink and it is apparent that she will not not fall into the trap of one-hit-wonder-dome. With a little more experience and maturity under her belt, Pink may very well go on to defying the disposable r&b diva syndrome.

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