Down under fan raves about Sloan, Gauntlet

By James

I suppose you don’t get fan mail from Australia, so maybe this is a first. I just received a copy of your March 2 issue with Chris Murphy of Sloan on the cover. My friend sent it to me ’cause I’m ridiculously addicted to Sloan.

I should mention at this point that your writer, Dave Kenney, is a legend and a "friend of mine" even though I don’t know him.

I also write for a student paper. I go to Monash University in Melbourne, Australia and write for our paper, Lot’s Wife. It was really interesting for me to compare the two papers and indeed, the student lifestyles that seem to exist. I reckon the Gauntlet is awesome. Aside from the Sloan mention, I really dug the sports writing (go Dinos!). You guys have heaps more advertisements than we do too. Plus, I liked your news stories as well as the Three Lines Free. We too are bereft of colour for most of the paper.

I have one criticism. Being the Music Editor of our paper, I feel there is a lack of music reviews in the Gauntlet. I thought your CD reviews were all well written and Shawn Hoults review was the standout, in my humble opinion.

Cheers, and all the best with the Gauntlet.

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