Outcry over ousting of McQ’s

An open letter to Toby White,
President, the Students’ Union:

Re: “McQ’s becomes McSU’s,” May 18, 2000

Dear Mr. White,

I was appalled to learn of the decision of the SU to evict the Cho family from their business in the MacEwan Student Centre. They have been excellent and generous campus citizens for 10 years, as recent letters to the Gauntlet have pointed out.

I intend to encourage members of the Drama Undergraduate Society to work with other undergraduate societies in organizing a campus-wide boycott of the SU-run store if you carry through your plans. David Bird’s letter in the Gauntlet leads me to believe that the GSA might also be interested.

You are in desperate need of a consciousness-raising workshop on how to treat decent people decently.

Regrettably yours,
Dr. James Dugan
Professor of Drama

(Ed note: The as yet to-be-named SU store is already in operation.)

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