Steep profit margins no longer exist

Editors, the Gauntlet
Re: “McQ’s becomes McSU’s,” May 18, 2000
Re: “Outcry over ousting of McQ’s,” July 20, 2000
Re: “SU store benefits students more than McQ’s,” July 27, 2000

I was glad to read Toby White’s balanced perspective on the operation of the convenience store in MacEwan Hall. As an ex-smoker, I chew a package of Freedent gum every day. Today, when I bought my gum, I could hardly believe my ears when she asked for a mere 37 cents.

I had to get her to repeat it a couple of times, and couldn’t help telling her, incredulously, “McQ’s was charging 90 cents per pack! I don’t understand why it cost so much more in Mr. Cho’s store than it does in yours!”

For years, I’ve been saving my pennies to go to Ireland, the home of my ancestors. Now that the SU is operating the store, I can add $46.40 a month to my “Shamrock fund.”

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