Bombermen kick off tour

By Kris Kotarski

Two weeks ago at the Night Gallery, local punk group The Bombermen played their first show since completing their debut CD Good Times. Last Saturday, they kicked off a three week tour which takes them from British Columbia to southern California. It’s been an arduous two year journey for the band, but they are now starting to hit some good times with their first CD and their most ambitious tour to date.

Tom O’Connor and Jason Arab provide The Bombermen with superb guitar skills. Bassist Terry Babij and drummer Trevor Bach always keep a good beat to get their audiences nodding their heads and tapping their shoes in no time. The most noticeable aspect of the band is their positive attitude and their feel good message. Rounding out the band are songs full of energy and enthusiasm.

As well, the band’s lyrics are fresh and upbeat. They have a strong stage presence because their performances are just as energetic as their songs.

When asked about their music, guitarist Tom O’Connor says, "We really want to get on tour and get our music out to everyone who wants to hear it. We want our songs to make people feel good. It’s a waste of time to be depressed and to write depressive music."

Bassist Terry Babij adds, "For us, it’s always a great experience to play our music. It’s an adventure and it’s exhilarating to play hot summer nights and have a good time.

"We just wish we could have made our CD a little longer. We are very happy with the end result but unfortunately, due to cash constraints, Good Times had to be a little shorter than we would have liked."

Next The Bombermen are hoping to finally attract the attention of a major label with their happy punk- rock tunes. A collection of different personalities, the glue that holds the group together is their friendship and love of music. Drummer Trevor Bach is a self-proclaimed music nut who can play every instrument in their band as well as a couple of others. At one show, he put up a pair of bongos along with his drum set and entertained the fans while the rest of the band set up.

Different interests, different perspectives, but the same love of music and desire to get their message to the people is what drives the band. Such an attitude is refreshing in a world full of Smashing Pumpkins and gangster rap.

The Bombermen play Java Sharks Fri., Aug. 25.

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