Swagger in his step: A profile of David Swagar

By Sarah Stall

The Canada West defensive player of the week is none other than the Dinos’ David Swagar. While talking at practice with Swagar, he admitted that football is his life, and he certainly shows it.

A team leader both on and off the field, this graduating kinesiology major has an aptitude for life. His teammates definitely look up to him, citing him as a committed individual and someone who encourages others to do their best.

Head Coach Tony Fasano has nothing but praise for Swagar.

"David is developing into an outstanding linebacker," he said. "[He] is what athletics should be all about: an equal mix of school and sport."

In his fifth year as a Dino, Swagar is one of the defensive captains and is presently second in the Canada West conference with 16 tackles this season. In addition to being a starter, Swagar also plays on all the special teams.

"The team this year has stronger chemistry as there are fewer injuries so far," said Swagar. "We can find each other’s strengths and weaknesses and build on them instead of replacing injured players and re-adjusting."

A truly modest guy, Swagar’s teammates and coaches consider him to be excellent at the balancing act, adjusting to married life, to football and to his fifth year at the university. Although it cuts into his personal time outside school, he can’t imagine doing anything else right now and would like to continue playing football as long as he can. Many of his colleages think he has a great shot at playing at a higher level, and with his positive attitude toward his teammates and football, any organization would be privileged to have him on their roster.

His team will remember Swagar for his sporadic temper but will miss him when he leaves. He is a true leader, helping others and doing the best for not only for himself but also for the program.

Swagar put it best:

"Football is what I do."

Come out and see Swagar and all the other Dinos this Friday at 7 p.m. to start off the home season. Support your Dinos and show them how much you care. And have a little fun with this; it is football. See you there!

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