Campus AIESEC to host the world

By Stefanie Achkewich

In 2002, Calgarians can once again show off their legendary hospitality.

Calgary was chosen to host the annual AIESEC International Congress over Montréal and Edmonton. The announcement was made last Tuesday at the current Congress being held in Edinburgh, Scotland.

"We’re very lucky to have a city and community that supports such events as the Olympics, World Police Fire Games and World Petroleum Congress," said Local Committee President Adrian Sia Lu. "It has established a strong international reputation for Calgary."

"All the Canadian delegates here in Scotland are very excited to be bringing this wonderful news back to Canada," said John Nemanic, Canada’s International Congress Committee President and the person who will be responsible for the organization of the 2002 Congress. "I am very excited to be given this opportunity to lead the most ambitious project AIESEC in Canada has undertaken in many years."

Between Aug. 21-30 2002, the congress will unite over 600 youth leaders from over 80 countries including Botswana, Malaysia and Argentina. "[This is an opportunity] to discuss exchange concerns and management challenges within the organization," said Nemanic.

AIESEC, a French acronym for Association of Students in Economics and Commerce, was founded in 1948. The Calgary committee was founded 29 years ago and in 1999 was voted the "most dynamic local." AIESEC works to promote international education and awareness through employment and volunteer exchanges.

"To be in the midst of various nationalities within such a small geographic distance was very unique as a Canadian," said Nemanic of his most recent exchange experience in Slovenia. "Most Canadians don’t get to experience the realities of different cultures."

"[Students from some other countries] may not have easy access to e-mail or telephones, but they share our hopes for their own countries," added Sia Lu. "That’s very powerful."

Calgary’s congress will be made possible in part by philanthropic gestures by institutions including the Royal Bank, the University of Calgary, Alberta Energy Company and Export Development Canada.

"It is a recruitment opportunity for the companies as well as an opportunity to advertise their brand to universities," said Nemanic.

Individuals who are interested in becoming involved with AIESEC can visit their office at 302f, Scurfield Hall, call 220-6454, e-mail or attend local meetings scheduled for Thurs., Sept. 14 at 3:30 p.m. in Social Science 110 and Sat., Sept. 16 at 1:00 p.m. in Murray Fraser Hall 160.

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