Clubs go searching for new recruits

By Christin Scholten

Coming back to the sometimes large and impersonal University of Calgary campus, students were welcomed this week by displays encouraging them to get involved. The Students’ Union made a decision to combine Welcome Week and Clubs Week this year. The decision left some clubs confused.

"We didn’t even know we had a table until yesterday at 3 p.m." said Steven Terands, the secretary of Gay and Lesbian Academics, Students and Staff.

Other clubs thought the week was well organized.

"We haven’t had any problems, our tables have been here," said Anthony Petrucci, the Events Co-ordinator for the U of C Catholic Community. "We had a representative of the SU come by our booth yesterday to make sure everything was OK and he even gave us a pack of gum."

The displays showcase everything from an Underwater Sports club to Students Interested in Medical Science. However, some students say they still cannot find anything of interest.

SU Vice-president Operations and Finance Matt Lauzon feels Clubs Week is beneficial to both clubs and interested students.

"It is a chance for clubs to showcase themselves and increase their profile," remarked Lauzon. "[Clubs week exists] to assist them in recruiting new members."

If students cannot find any club that suits their interests, they have the option of starting their own club. Start-up forms are available in the SU office at MacEwan Student Centre 251.

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