Great Whit hype

By Kristian Leach

The University of Calgary men’s basketball squad has a new young recruit joining the team this year. Hailing from Regina, Saskatchewan, Whit Hornsberger has already compiled a solid resume. The five-foot-nine point guard was Regina’s leading high school scorer, averaging an awesome 37.5 points per game and scoring over 2,700 points throughout his high school career. He was selected as a member of the 2000 High School All-Canadian Team, and his list of accolades made him one of the most sought after recruits of Canada.

So what made Whit decide to come to the U of C ? Well, he was somewhat torn between the U of C and the University of British Columbia, but through working basketball camps at the U of C this summer, he got to know the players and made some good friends. He knew that getting along with his teammates would not be a problem.

"Coach Dan Vanhooren [is] a great guy and a players’ coach," said Hornsberger. "I would love to play for [him], and want to play for [him]."

Whit believes the biggest change from high school ball will be the skill level of university basketball. He realizes he can no longer be a one-man team and scoring points will no longer be his main goal.

"University basketball is going to be much more team orientated than high school," he said. "I just want to help the team and help other players become better".

Hornsberger envisions splitting time with fellow point guard Adam Begley and neither of them see this as a problem.

"We’re great friends," said Hornsberger. "We just want to see each other do good."

Hornsberger attributes most of his success to countless hours of hard work.

"There’s not a lot to do in Regina, so I would just pick up a ball and shoot and shoot," he says of growing up.

When asked to describe himself in a couple of words, the modest Hornsberger simply stated, "I’m a leader."

"I came into camp and I felt really confident," he said. "I wasn’t nervous at all and that really made it easy on me."

Short term, Whit would love to be a part of a final-four team this coming season, and by his fifth year would like to see the Dinos in the national finals. Whit also has his sights set on the national under-22 team, and he’s got a pretty good shot.

Before his university career is over, Whit would like to make the senior national team.

"It would be so great to play for Canada and maybe even play in the Olympics," he said.

Long term, Hornsberger dreams of perhaps playing basketball in Europe at the pro level.

But for now, Hornsberger is very happy at the U of C, and the U of C is very happy to have him, not only as a part of the school but also as a member of the men’s basketball team. Hornsberger and the team have high hopes for this season and by the looks of it, the sky is the limit.

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