Into The Night

By Bo Rhodes

Into The Night, Love Inc.’s follow-up to their self-titled debut album reeks of familiarity. So much so that how can anyone tell the difference between this pile of tripe and the first pile of rotting pig intestines?

Vocalist Simone Denny once again tries to carry this flimsy Canadian act with her powerful pipes. Unfortunately, she is dragged down by talentless schmo DJ Chris Sheppard. Afraid to do anything original or innovative, Sheppard produces the same tired top-40 club beats he is known for.

Not one track on this album really stands head and shoulders above the rest and to make matters worse, two of the songs are merely second-rate remixes. "Here Comes The Sunshine (housemix)" is completely lacking in anything remotely "house" and more closely resembles something found under a dead rat in a trailer park.

Love Inc. is lacking in anything original and Sheppard trying to pass himself off as an actual DJ only brings the act down. With so many more up-and-coming acts dance enthusiasts should completely forget about this dead horse.

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