Bring us your cans, your KD and money

By Kristin Nikonetz

When you looked in your fridge this morning and found a mouldy dish of a questionable substance and nothing else, you probably thought you needed to go grocery shopping. So what if you tried to take out money for groceries and realized you spent all your money on bills? You’d ask yourself, "Now what?" Then out of the blue you’d remember the Students’ Union is holding its annual Food Drive and get so excited (or your hunger pains would kick in) that you’d faint.

The Food Drive, which ran from Nov. 20-24, raised a "secure" $9,500, and a Cream of Mushroom soup can from 1957 (which, of course, will not be used). Last year, around 900 families used the Food Bank and with help from faculty, students and staff, those families and university students will have food in their tummies over this holiday once again.

"I feel that the food bank plays a good part to put [missed] nutrients into the students’ diet," said Chairman of the Holiday Food Drive Oliver Bladek.

For all those students who would like to get on the Food Bank list, all you have to do is go into the basement of MacEwan Hall to room 144. A Food Bank volunteer will interview you to get a list of what kind of items you need.

Groups who helped these students by raising money had to attend an orientation, set up a table, then canvass for donations. The more money or food items raised by a specific group, the more points they received. For every dollar donated, they received four points, and one point for every food item donated.

One of the 14 groups fighting for those points was the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. This loyal group has been raising money for the Food Drive for at least five years. Last year the Fijis raised over $1,100. The total amount this year has not yet been counted but is expected to be in the same range.

"Part of our fraternity [mandate] is to help the community out," said Karl Martins, Chairman of the Fiji Food Drive.

Bladek was quite happy with the efforts of all who participated.

"Thanks to all the volunteers and staff that helped out for the Holiday Food Drive," he said with a smile on his face. "I couldn’t say thank you enough, they were great.

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