Health not the real issue in Deli closing

Editors, the Gauntlet,

Re: "Delhi Deli closing," Nov. 30, 2000

I was disappointed to read in the Gauntlet that the Delhi Deli is being railroaded out of the MacEwan Student Centre to make way for "an all-day café type concept." Come on! Do we really need another outlet on campus that sells wraps, salads, soups and savouries? How

I am new to Calgary, and I only had a chance to eat at the Delhi Deli a few times, but I will miss their tasty homemade curries and friendly service. I don’t want to eat at a "concept." Matt Lauzon’s professed intention of "providing students with a healthier selection of food" is a bit hard to swallow. This is all about profit. If it was about health, he would kick out A&W, not the Delhi Deli.

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