Health not the real issue in Deli closing

Editors, the Gauntlet,

Re: "Delhi Deli closing," Nov. 30, 2000

Last week in the Gauntlet you published an article on the closing of the Delhi Deli. You quoted [Matt] Lauzon as saying that the closure was done for the benefit of students, "for reasons of profit and to provide students a healthier selection of food." One of these reasons is blatantly false.
Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t particularly like the food at the Delhi Deli. I don’t ever shop there, and I marvel that they have been able to stay open for so long. But the truth is that the only reason that the Students’ Union decided to close the Delhi Deli is that they want more money.

Suppose you were to choose to close one food court vendor in Mac Hall for the reason of health. (Wait, stop snickering you…) I propose that at least the following places are less healthy than the Delhi Deli:

1. The place that sells grease-boiled potatoes and fatty hamburgers.

2. The place that sells ice cream and (shudder) hot dogs.

3. The newly added place that sells only pizza.

So, if increasing the health of the Mac Hall selection were in any way a goal of the SU, there would be significantly different choices made about who to close. On the other hand, if those three suggestions sound like major chain restaurants to you, it’s because they are, and as such are willing to pay a lot more to have access to our student bellies.

As usual, the Students’ Union has sold out huge, kissing the ass of capitalism and selling our arteries for the biggest buck. So tell Matt Lauzon where to go shovel his pile, because I’m sick of seeing it on the pages of the Gauntlet.

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