Why is there sexism in TLFs?

By Amanda Hillman

Editors, the Gauntlet,

At the bottom of the TLF page every week the Gauntlet prides itself on not including any racist, sexist or homophobic submissions. I was confused when I was perusing the TLFs on Thurs., Nov. 1. There was a submission from POUND 1_18 lamenting the cold weather. You see, when the weather turns cold he gets depressed because of the lack of "slutty halter tops" to be found on campus. Well, last time I checked, the blatant degradation of women was viewed as sexist. Last time I checked, treating women like objects to be ogled was viewed as sexist. Last time I checked, there was more to a woman than cleavage and nipples.

So what exactly were the TLF editors thinking last week? I would really like to know. What kind of messed up version of "sexist" are they following when they determine which submissions get printed?

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