Brian Kynaston: A farewell to fifth-year Dinos

By Nicole Kobie

Now what?

No, that’s not what offensive tackle Brian Kynaston is saying now that his days as a Dino have come and gone. But it’s surely what the Dino’s will be saying now that Kynaston is on his way out.

Kynaston, who’s had a four-year run as a starter in spite of major injuries in 1998, was well-regarded enough to earn a spot as a team co-captain. While one highlight of his football career was his first start way back in pre-millennial 1997, others include the 1997 western final, his performance this year and being CO-captain

"The recognition from team-mates as a leader is an honour," he described. "But the pressure: you have to perform. People are looking at you as a leader."

The aforementioned injuries created the one major difficulty of his five years: recovery. And added to recovery, he had other challenges such as his comeback and trying to maintain his skill and place on the team–something Kynaston managed to do, cementing his place as a starter.

"It was pretty hard. You lose a lot of timing. It’s pretty significant for the time you miss. You can miss a lot in four weeks," said Kynaston.

While he hasn’t thought too much of the future–exams and schoolwork loom in the days ahead–he hopes to either get a job in the private sector, or if lucky play football after graduating in April.

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