Women’s Volleyball: Weekend Update

By Daorcey Le Bray

Watching Escape from New York and its ever-so-witty sequel Escape From L.A., only one thing is for sure: Snake will never die. Even if there is a bad guy sneaking up behind him, Snake will spin around, homemade knife in hand, and pin the dude right between the eyes. Then he’ll grace us with a one-liner.

Snake is similar to this year’s women Dinos.

After handing the Manitoba Bisons two straight losses, the untouchable Dinos left town last weekend and took two matches from the lowly Winnipeg Wesmen (1-11).

"Winnipeg was suffering a bit," understated Dinos Head Coach Kevin Boyles.

Missing key players due to injury, the Wesmen ate a 3-1 loss thanks to the efficient kills of Krista Kinsman and Alisa Marriott. The Dinos’ one loss was due to changes on the bench that left the team without their usual momentum.

On Saturday, the Wesmen did their best to help the amazing Amanda Moppett to 11 service aces for the weekend. Tracy Keats also shone with a 72 per cent efficiency on 11 kills.

The ladies won the match 25-17, 25-15, 25-11.

Another brilliant weekend left Coach Boyles with a one-liner of his own: "We just overpowered them."


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