Red-hot SU nominations

By Ruth Davenport

The nominations for next year’s Students’ Union opened Wednesday, Feb. 6. According to SU President Toby White, the chance to be a member of the SU is an opportunity no student should miss.

"I deÞnitely encourage students to pick up packages and run for any position they’re interested in," said an enthused White, who went on to reminisce fondly about the day he got his nomination package.

Students who decide to act on White’s advice can get their own package from the temporary SU office in the old part of MacEwan Hall. The signed and sealed packages–for any position–are due back to the SU main office on Feb. 28.

"The more people that run, the more likely we are to have a student government that represents students and their interests," stated White.
White stressed the importance of getting the nomination packages in on time and asked students to return them to the SU main office, not the Gauntlet office.

"It’s happened a few times that hopefuls brought their platform and photo to the Gauntlet and then [submitted] no platform to us," White sighed sadly, shaking his head. "Of course the Gauntlet has nothing to do with the nominations. They just run the pictures in the paper."

Those seeking nomination need only Þve signatures declaring them to be of sound mind and body. Any candidate who receives Þve per cent of the vote will be reimbursed for expenses incurred during the campaigns to the tune of $150 for commissioners, Senate and Board of Governor representatives and $300 for vice-presidents and president.

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