Readers defend and define Christianity

Editors, the Gauntlet,

Re: "Homophobic dogma enraptures Christians," Feb. 8, 2001

While Brad Cooke brings up legitimate concerns, he may be comforted to know that not all Christians think alike. Just as Fundamentalist rhetoric concerning marginalized groups hasn’t changed in 100 years, neither has genuine Christians’ support for those same groups.

Lutheran Campus Ministry up in the Chaplains’ Centre has recently become "Reconciled in Christ;" we are affirmed as a completely welcoming, non-judgmental presence for homosexuals, bisexuals and transgendered individuals. Also, the Students’ Christian Movement is active in the fight for homosexual rights and the U of C Catholic Community is welcoming to everyone. I can’t speak for Mr. Cooke, but if he attended GLASS’s amazing "Religion and Homosexuality Dialogue" on Feb. 1, it certainly didn’t show in his article.

The Bible does hold some pretty nasty stuff if taken and applied thoughtlessly, but as Christians we are called to follow what our founder Jesus taught us: to love God and in so doing, to love each and every person as God loves them. That is the credo which many more Christians in the university live by and work towards.

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