If you build it, they still may not come

By Kris Kotarski

Hey, University of Calgary sports fans. Hope you’re doing well. I noticed you’re still infected with a nasty case of the "I don’t give a shit" syndrome. The apathy at your school defies reason. Not only do you not care about the Students’ Union, the quality of your education, or that little tuition thing, I noticed Dinos athletics can be added to the list as just one more thing you don’t give a shit about.

The stands in the Jack Simpson Gymnasium were half full last weekend when the Dinos took on UBC in a volleyball showdown. When I walked into the gym I thought the turnout was alright. I saw people in the stands, something I seldom witnesed at the soccer games I religiously attended in the fall term. But when I looked into the faces of these volleyball fans I was surprised. A lot of them–over half–were not university age. There were young kids at the game, probably with their U of C alumni parents. There were also UBC fans–families and friends who drove from B.C. to see their team play the Dinos. There were high school students, people from the community and even a few Rez kids. All these people made the effort to come down and watch. So, my dear U of C sports fan, where the hell were you?

The Dinos are having great success this year. The football team made us forget last year’s sad performance and put together a winning season. Dean Fisher ran over the opposition and won Canada West MVP in his last season with the team. Did you see it? Did you even know? Judging from the sparse crowds our football team got, you probably didn’t.

Both our soccer teams had great years. The women let in three goals all season. Did you hear? I bet you didn’t, ’cause you don’t care.

The field hockey team had a fine season and one of the players got MVP honours for Canada West. Oh, you read something about that. My ass you did.

Dinos games are free. Most who attend would agree they’re fun. But what I see on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are (at best) half-full stands, where maybe one fan in three is a U of C student.

So where do you go after school?

You probably walk over to Lot 10, 12 or the Arts Parkade and you get in your pimped-up Civic and drive home to the ‘burbs. There you sit on your behind, watch MuchMusic for the latest Britney or Backstreet video so you can stroke your private parts before mommy and daddy get home. Maybe you lip-sync to that Seinfeld episode you saw 12 times already. Maybe you head to the Pengrowth Saddledome to see the Flames lose (I hope you do, cause that’s at least an excuse). You probably do nothing productive ’cause there’s nothing productive to do on Fridays and Saturdays at 6:00 p.m. And don’t even try that bullshit homework excuse. I have classes with you. I know how much homework I do, and I have a pretty good idea of how much you do too.

But hey, it’s your life. You choose how to spend your time. Some students work, others volunteer. A select few cheer on the Dinos and are probably entertained and maybe even inspired. So what the hell are the rest of you doing? Nothing much. Unless being apathetic bastards counts for anything.

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