Haven’t we gotten over this before?

By Christin Scholten

So there I am last weekend sitting in a hotel room in the States, and lo and behold a trailer for Get Over It appears on the TV screen. My first thought was "only in America." However, when I saw it days later on our very own Canadian stations, the agony really began to set in.

Get Over It has an elite group of bubblegum actors including Kirsten Dunst (best known for her role in Interview with a Vampire), Ben Foster, Shane West, Mila Kunis and to top the A-list cast, none other than Sisqo.

As one of the characters appropriately puts it "trends fade, bread moulds, people die." This type of movie doesn’t seem to be fading or dying, however it sure does smell of something, and it’s not pleasant.

When highschooler Berke (Foster) gets dumped by his girlfriend, he tries to win her back by befriending Kelly (Dunst). In the meantime, Berke’s ex has hooked up with Stricker (West), a popular member of a boy band who has a cheesy accent and even cheesier lines.

The plot contains some similarities to William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Nights Dream. Continuing on that theme, their school produces a distorted version of that particular Shakespearean play.

This movie has all the important elements, including a dressed up Vitamin C following a broken-hearted Berke around, jazz hands galore and a marching band.

If anyone can remember the trite 1999 movie, She’s All That, they will experience deja-vu while sitting through this movie. In She’s All That the ex goes out with a creepy guy named Brock, and in Get Over It the ex goes out with a creepy guy named Stricker. In 1999 we had dancing fool Usher, and in 2001 we get dancing maniac Sisqo. Get Over It seems almost to be a spoof on She’s All That. Let’s just hope that the teenyboppers get over this movie quickly.

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