Dear Gauntlet: You suck, the saga continues

Editors, the Gauntlet,

Re: "Mallrats Rejoice for Ricky," March 22, 2001

My letter can be summarized in one simple math theory, though I urge you to read on if you’d like the explanation behind it: "The union of 14-year-olds and readers of the Gauntlet is an empty set."

I am curious as to why the Gauntlet spent the time and effort to interview Ricky J. I’m sure there’s a valid reason as to why that article went to press, though it seems to elude me right now. With all the talented artists vying to get their music heard on indie labels across the country, you’ve decided to give coverage to a complete hack who already gets too much airtime through such "leading-edge outlets" as Power 107 and MuchMusic–I was more than disappointed when the Gauntlet joined their ranks.

I can think of countless other talented Canadian musicians who are more deserving of such coverage and support (yet never seem to receive it) than "Canada’s Will Smith." Let me know if you need someone to interview them when they come to town. I’ll even pay my own way into the show.

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