Waxing poetic over the status quo

Editors, the Gauntlet,

Re: "King Ralph’s graceless coronation," March 15, 2001.

In Ralph’s world…

Elections are bought rather than fought.

Party allegiance is more important than policy.

Contracts are resolved when politically expedient.

The press has the freedom to print pro-government propaganda or be replaced.

Class sizes are the highest in Canada while the minimum wage is the lowest.

Post-secondary tuitions have doubled.

Food banks have adopted the McDonald’s slogan of "millions served."

More hospitals and schools have been closed than opened.

RHA directors are appointed rather than elected.

Deregulation and conflict of interest have replaced accountability.

Private, for-profit hospitals and schools are funded at public expense.

Daycare is not subsidized because children are viewed as a liability rather than an investment.

Natural gas prices are unnaturally high.

Multinova takes precedence over multicultural.

"Fixed" refers to more than just a senior’s income.

The letters CBC stand for constantly battling corruption.

People run; buses don’t.

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