Waxing poetic over the status quo

Editors, the Gauntlet,

Re: "CFS platform too radical…," March 15, 2001

The article written by Ruth Davenport was disappointingly inaccurate.

The fees for the Canadian Federation of Students are $3.41/per student/ per semester or $6.82/per student/per semester. The voting period for the referendum is not March 12-19, but March 19-30.

These inaccuracies are a disappointing reflection of reporting quality. If graduate students would like more information about the referendum and the "yes" and "no" campaigns, I encourage them to read the latest version of the GRADvisor. This election and referendum edition of the GRADvisor has been mailed with each of the ballots and is available on the Internet at www.ucalgary.ca/GSA.

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