Odds and ends: Night of the Dino predictions

By Kris Kotarski

"Night of the Dino" is a truly wonderful spectacle. All the University of Calgary athletes get together for one night of the year to celebrate just how good they are. They strut, pose and wait with breathless anticipation to see just who will be named Athlete of the Year. Sounds like fun, right? It is, except for those who are up for the awards. These lucky few–the cream of the crop if you will–will sit there among their peers, listen to words of encouragement and stress until the awards are handed out. To help alleviate their anxiety, we’re giving them odds. For some, these will be a crushing blow. For others–let’s just say they’ll have nothing to worry about due to the Gauntlet’s underwhelming influence. So run to your bookie, put down the money and wait for the cash to roll in.

Women’s Athlete of the Year
Leighann Doan (basketball) 2:1
Teresa McLachlan (field hockey) 4:1
Alisa Marriott (volleyball) 5:1
Breanne Graham (wrestling) 5:1
Erika Sharp (wrestling) 8:1
Taryn Swiatek (soccer) 8:1

Male Athlete of the Year
Dean Fisher (football) 3:1
David Kooperberg (wrestling) 5:2
Brad Neve (wrestling) 10:3
Denis Zhukov (volleyball) 6:1

Women’s Rookie of the Year
Brittanee Laverdure (wreslting) 3:1
Kristy Cameron (swimming) 5:1
Erin Ramsay (soccer) 7:1

Men’s Rookie of the Year
Whit Hornsberger (basketball) 2:1
Aaron Baker (hockey) 7:2
Darren Presley (football) 8:1

Other odds
-Bill Byma wears his straw sombrero again, 3:1
-Whit Hornsberger picks a fight with the Gauntlet’s basketball writer, 10:1
-Whit Hornsberger and Sean Patter-son double-team and whup the basketball writer, 2:1
-Jack Neumann says "What me worry?" before pounding a beer, 2:1
-Robin Slot’s old Gauntlet nickname "Slot Machine" resurfaces, 5:1
-Rajiv Mathur mentions The Never-ending Story again, 10:1
-Varsity Twister becomes a reality, 5:1
-Erika Sharp kicks the Rock’s ass, 2:1
-Tony Fasano shaves his trademark mustache, 1,000:1
-Rick Say gets mad he wasn’t nominated for anything, 10:1
-Our swimming writer goes on a rampage because swimmer Rick Say didn’t get nominated for anything, 1:1

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