Kobe dreams a dream

By Kris Kotarski

"I always dreamt about having my own shoe."

Maybe that’s not exactly word for word, but it’s close enough. This little verbal tidbit came to us courtesy of Kobe Bryant, a 23-year-old professional basketball player, a two-time National Basketball Association champion and an amazing athlete. Throughout this year’s NBA finals we were bombarded with Adidas commercials featuring Kobe’s new shoe.

So how about it, Mr. Bryant?

"I always dreamt about having my own shoe?"

Maybe NBC played the commercial a few too many times. Maybe it was just a case of a bold advertising campaign which didn’t happen to reach everyone.

But instead of "my own shoe," how about "I’ve always dreamt about playing basketball for a

Or, how about, "I’ve always dreamt of having a legacy?"

Maybe try "I’ve always dreamt of being so good at something that others would respect me," or "I’ve always dreamt of lifting the title above my head."

How about: "I’ve always dreamt of being on top of the world, even if for just an instant." Or what about:"I’ve always dreamt of having the honour of my name being uttered in the same sentence as Michael Jordan’s."

Perhaps, "Thanks Dad, for taking me to Europe with you and letting me grow up on a basketball court."

"Thanks to my family, my coaches and anyone who helped me get where I am."

"Thanks to my teammates who took my passes, watched my shots and covered my butt on defence."

How about: "Thanks to my fans for supporting me, even on nights where I can’t find my shot."

"Thanks to Allen Iverson, Tim Duncan or whoever else for pushing me to put out my best effort every night."

How about "Thanks to Shaquille O’Neal for standing in the low-post and getting me shot after shot on the perimeter. And thanks to the 12-year old kid with the big grin in the crowd and a number eight jersey on his back."

We didn’t get any of that.

What we got was Kobe Bryant walking out in the middle of Allen Iverson’s post-game five press conference with the NBA title in his arms. We saw Bryant’s charming grin but the words that came out of his mouth don’t quite measure up to that smile.

Then we went to commercial and there it was again:"I always dreamt of having my own shoe."

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