News that got left in the dryer

By Ruth Davenport

Campus 5-0 Staff Shakeup

Following the resignation of Security Operations Coordinator Bob King in July, supervisor Ken Kress was selected as the new Operations Coordinator.

"With Bob leaving, we’re losing some experience," said Campus Security manager Lanny Fritz. "But we’re also looking forward to the experiences that Ken Kress is going to bring this year with a fresh face and a new perspective."

Kress has been a Campus Security officer for six years and served as a police officer for 12 years prior. Fritz explained that Kress was chosen from the four Campus Security supervisors for the position.

"Ken was chosen based on a combination of factors," he said. "Experience, a good interview, the work ethics that he’s established and the community contacts that he’s made."

King was appropriately toasted and sent on his way to the position of Campus Security Manager at Mount Royal College with good wishes from University of Calgary Campus Security personnel.

Climbing Wall Mishap

Although EMS responded to a call at the University of Calgary last week, reports in other newspapers of a teenager suffering a serious injury are inaccurate.

"The student was climbing on the bouldering wall on July 26 and fell a maximum of five or six feet," said Alf Skrastins, Associate Director of Outdoor Programs. "Normally when you fall off that wall, you fall backwards, but she fell forwards and so, she cut her head."

Skrastins explained that the 13-year-old was participating in a youth climbing program and was in the presence of two instructors and three spotters when she slipped.

"We treat every injury that involves an impact to the head as a head injury," he said. "So we called Campus Security and EMS and she was taken to the Children’s Hospital."

The individual received six stitches, was released from the hospital and returned to the program the next day, said Skrastins.

Other publications have reported a child falling 10 feet off the main climbing wall and being taken to the hospital in serious condition. Skrastins was eager to clarify the actual events.

"The student was released from hospital in an hour," explained Skrastins. "This kind of thing

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